OHGuests Portal


Track Your Open House Sign-ins and Workflow

With OHGuests you can keep track of your Prospects (Guests) and where they are in the workflow in a central system.

OHGuests is a smart and sophisticated platform that eliminates the need to have spreadsheets and paper-based Guest Book tracking systems.


SaaS Web Based Desktop Open House Management Portal

Brokers and Agents can self-­manage their OHGuests account. Including account creation, password reset, send out a "Thank you for coming" customized email with a click of a button to their guests and many more functionalities.


Access OHGuests platform Anyplace, Anytime Globally.

Brokers and Agents can view real time guest sign-ins and questionnaires as they are inputted and submitted from their Mobile devices (web app), Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and 2 in 1 devices.


PDF Analytic Reports Download

Brokers and Agents can download reports directly from the portal and filter for the data they are looking for.


Audit Trail

Timestamps and user data are captured any time any data is inputted or modified in the OHGuests platform.


Your Data Backed Up

All of your open house data is backed up nightly up to seven days.


Import / Export your Data

Your Guests. Your Leads! Our team at OHGuests will be happy to assist in importing or exporting your data within your account.


Better Customer Experience

Leverage technology to provide your prospects with a clean and intuitive interface to your Open House Event.



As your business grows OHGuests platform automatically scales up.


Secure Architecture

  • Activates in minutes Globally

  • 99.9% Up-time

  • Dedicated customer tenants

  • AES-128 B/CRYPT Encryption